Some features of our Law Office and activities

Governmental and business experience, relationships

Having several decades of experience in top-level governmental and business issues the professional leaders of the Law Office are able to handle and approach with confidence even the most sensitive and complicated cases.

Deep understanding of the clients’ business goals

We believe, that law is not an aim but rather a tool to fulfil the clients’ economic and business goals. We lay emphasis on complete understanding of the clients’ ambitions in order to find the best solutions in every case.

Combining local knowledge and international experience

We believe that the combination of global thinking and local acting are indispensable to achieve success. Therefore we provide our local clients international perspective and help our foreign clients to gain self-confidence in orientating and decision-making in the Hungarian market.

Thinking in the international dimension  and in the European Union

We are prepared for putting the legal system of the EU into practice and making the most of it for the benefit of our clients.

Relationship with our clients based on mutual confidence

We have been working together with several clients for years or decades. This relationship is based on mutual confidence. In certain cases we have been growing together with our clients during the years. We deal with internal and external legal issues of several major business entities  on a long-term, continuous basis.